What's going on here?

After an amateur physicist opens an interdimensional rift, vile creatures emerge and abduct his lovely lab partner, Diana. You rush in to the calls for help.

Play as a curious kid who starts out cautiously lurking in the enigmatic and dangerous worlds of Infinity Land. Mysterious creatures await in a treacherous landscape you must explore to find Diana. She has been taken captive by the Pig Merchant, and evil overlord of this strange dimension.

Make your way through eight worlds and battle past each gatekeeper to reach the greedy Pig Merchant, who plans to make Diana his queen and send back an army of human-pig hybrid super soldiers to conquer our entire planet. Will you make it in time to rescue the lovely Diana from his greasy paws before she spawns his little piglets?

Where can I play it?

This game is under development on PC/Mac and consoles. Follow us on Twitter and sign up to our mailing list for updates and release date announcements.